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A Cozy Sweet Tooth

Candy is (for some reason) associated with Valentine’s Day almost as much as Halloween. Whether you adore or resent the day of love, you’ll probably find yourself mindlessly devouring candy on the couch. Rather than binge-eating a hundred heart-shaped Reese’s, try opting for a CBD infused peanut butter cup or lollipop to relieve that indescribable confection craving.

One of the tastiest ways to get your dose of cannabidiol, cannabis-infused candy is portable, shareable and most importantly, effective. We know what you’re thinking: Does CBD candy actually taste good?

We tried and reviewed some popular, high-end candy edibles on the market. If you’re seeking ultimate relaxation while also getting your sugar fix, check out our choices below!


If you’re a lollipop lover, we recommend Hemp Bomb’s premium, 40mg lollipops, Jolly Bombs. Jolly Bombs come in four mouth-watering flavors: cherry, green apple, pink lemonade and watermelon. They look and taste just like your favorite childhood lollipop, so you can really savor the flavor. Check out Jolly Bombs here!

Price: $14.99 for two




If hard candies aren’t your favorite, you might consider one of Baceae’s delicious peanut butter cups, truffles, fudge, bon bons… the list goes on. Baceae specializes in delicious CBD confections that guarantee to soothe your sweet tooth. Plus, a box of chocolates is always a classic move for V Day.

The SipCozy team tried Baceae’s classic collection of chocolates, which includes a peanut butter cup, chocolate tart, turtle and truffle. Keep in mind that this is dark chocolate, so it has a very rich, bittersweet taste. At 10mg of CBD each, we suggest eating at least two in order to enjoy the perfect cozy effect.

 Price: $18 for the classic collection, available here

Last but certainly not least, CBD Infusionz’s sour belts are so tasty that you’ll have to refrain from eating them all at once. Their initial sourness dissolves into a sweet, tangy candy that is full of flavor. As a bonus, the website lets you choose the dosage of each delicious treat, and even gives you the ability to choose between full-spectrum & broad-spectrum. 

The sour belts are available in four milligram options: 100, 200, 600 or 1200. We ordered the 100mg bottle, so each piece contains 10mg of CBD each. After enjoying a few pieces, the belts guarantee all-time coziness – all while giving you flashbacks to inhaling Airheads Xtremes in middle school.

Price: $26.99, available here

So, the answer is yes. CBD candy does taste good. Leave the cavities and sugar rush to the kids from now on and savor one or two (or three) of these delicious treats, paired with a glass of SipCozy to ensure your coziest Valentine’s Day yet.

-Eden Margol