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A Cozy Dive into Cannabis Infused Skincare

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By Team SipCozy: Alex, Heather and Eden

So far, we’ve reviewed a variety of CBD and hemp-infused products ranging from honey, to brownie mix, to socks. If you thought we forgot about beauty products, think again.

Since there are thousands of CBD beauty products on the market we’ve narrowed down some of the best in this first-of-many CBD beauty post. Each SipCozy team member selected and reviewed two different products; check out our thoughts below!

Who: Alex Klempf, Owner & Founder

I have probably tried every product under the sun on my face, including snail mucus (v popular in the K-Beauty world). I decided to check out BKLYN CBD’s Hydrate Sheet Mask and Herbivore Botanical’s Deep Moisture Glow with CBD. My dry skin gets worse during Winter, so I experimented with products that aim at moisturizing the skin.


BKLYN CBD Hydrate Sheet Mask
$14 for one sheet mask
10mg of CBD in one sheet mask
If sold out on their site, it’s also available at Saks!

I usually let sheet masks absorb overnight, but decided to try this mask before a night out. The mask separates into two sheets, one for the jaw/mouth area and the other for the forehead/eyes. And let me tell you, as soon as I put it on, it literally felt amazing. I suggest refrigerating the sheet mask before using it to create a chilled yet gentle texture. With the mask on, I used my trusty jade roller and watched Netflix’s The Crown for about 20 minutes. After removing the mask, I immediately noticed how my skin looked and felt brighter.

I loved this sheet mask so much that I ordered the four-pack. It made my skin wonderfully dewy, reduced redness and allowed me to rock my natural skin – even on a night out. Although pricey, it was a welcomed change to my sheet mask routine.

I have a love/hate relationship with face oils. Some are heavy, greasy and make me wonder if they’re the cause of my breakouts. I’m familiar with Herbivore’s products, so I was excited to give their Emerald CBD Oil a shot.

Herbivore Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Oil
100mg of Organic Colorado Grown Full-Spectrum CBD

To give this product a really good review, I felt I needed to incorporate it into my routine for a good week or so. I never say this, but I saw results immediately. My redness almost instantly went down and I stopped having to use moisturizer.

I cannot put enough of this on my face. I’ve been using it morning/night for five days now and my skin loves it. It blends perfectly underneath makeup, but needs time to soak in – I’d suggest applying the oil 20-30 minutes before throwing on any makeup. This is great for dry skin, redness or anyone looking for a great glow.

Update…. as of 1/21/2020, I have been using this product for over two months. I have started on my second bottle, and given it to everyone for Christmas. I am sold, my skin has honestly never looked better. 

Xo, Alex

Who: Heather Klempf, content creator 

As Floridians, we’re always in search of skincare products that do well in year-round humidity. Having the right facewash is crucial when sweating is a part of our daily routine! Personally, I prefer a light, foamy facewash that won’t leave my skin feeling tight or stripped away. I ordered products from High Beauty and Herbessntls to see if I could spruce up my skincare lineup. Both companies infuse their products with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, which is moisturizing and full of antioxidants!

High Beauty Cannabis Cleansing Foam
Made with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (free of THC & CBD)

At first pump, the foam’s scent is noticeably earthy, yet clean and light. It has a thicker consistency, so it doesn’t dissipate as soon as you rub your hands together. After washing my face once, the foam removed most of my makeup and even mascara – all without stripping or leaving dryness.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light, easy daily wash. It wasn’t strong on the skin and removed my makeup, but I prefer a slightly stronger wash to feel fully cleansed of Florida’s dense air.

Herbessntls Cannabis Infused Moisturizer
Made with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

After about a week of using this moisturizer, I noticed a HUGE difference in hydration and brightness. Not only is it super lightweight, but extremely moisturizing without leaving greasy-feeling skin. My skin is sensitive and typically prone to breakouts, which this product has helped with immensely. Surprisingly, its scent is subtle and has no hints of cannabis or earthiness!

I absolutely love this product and will repurchase it as needed. Since it’s so rich and moisturizing, it’s perfect for sensitive skin during the dryer seasons.

Xo, Heather


Who: Eden Margol, copywriter & content creator

Since I work out daily, I prefer light skincare products that cleanse my skin of any sweat, dirt and makeup. Dealing with greasy skin before the workout even starts is annoying and uncomfortable, so I researched CBD-infused products that will leave my skin feeling light and bright.

Holistic Hemp Company’s Facial Cleanser is infused with CBD from American Hemp Extract, which helps replenish and brighten tired skin. To try something different, I also ordered one of Diamond CBD’s bath bombs that blends natural ingredients with CBD isolate. Both products are gentle yet effective – perfect for post-workout skin!

Holistic Hemp Company Facial Cleanser
100mg of CBD made with American Hemp Extract

After the first pump, I was relieved to see that the product was just what I needed: light and gentle. It felt like a soft lotion for my face. It doesn’t lather or foam, so if you prefer a stronger-feeling facewash, you might consider checking out a heavier product. I was expecting a strong hemp smell from the ingredients, but it has the slightest hint of hemp with a very clean, natural scent.

Since the product is so light, I wasn’t expecting it to remove all makeup, but I was pleasantly surprised! It not only removed the makeup, but left my skin feeling cool and incredibly soft. My face didn’t feel tight or dry afterwards, and it even helped brighten the circles under my eyes after a few washes. It’s pricey, but your tired skin will thank you!

Diamond CBD is an awesome company for the CBD newbie like myself – they carry their own products as well as other brands, which lets you explore products you didn’t even know existed (CBD chicken meatball dog treats!?). I went basic and ordered one of Diamond CBD’s bath bombs to maximize relaxation. But I can’t stop thinking about the chicken meatball dog treats.

Diamond CBD Bath Bomb – Cotton Candy
$20 (on sale for $8!)
100mg of High-quality CBD Isolate

I’m not a huge fan of strong-smelling bath bombs, but I love the fruitiness of cotton candy scents. The bomb didn’t have an overpowering hemp or cotton candy smell, but a subtle, pleasant aroma. It also didn’t crumble apart straight out of the box, which I’ve had to deal with in the past.

I poured a glass of SipCozy, popped the bath bomb in the tub, lit my “Namaste, Bitches” candle and have literally never felt more relaxed. It didn’t disintegrate as soon as I put it in the water, but slowly turned my bath into a warm, fizzy rainbow. My skin felt amazingly soft afterwards, which was surprising considering how dry my skin is naturally.

If cotton candy isn’t your fav, Diamond CBD makes 12 different scents of bath bombs like cherry blossom, warm vanilla sugar, and citrus!

Xo, Eden