If anyone knows how to throw a successful cocktail party, it’s us. We recently discovered Savorly, a company that makes delicious party bites and gratins for any occasion. The appetizers are delivered frozen to your doorstep and available at some local grocery stores.


Although we’re staying away from large get-togethers right now, Savorly is the perfect stay-at-home snack. Whether it’s a small family dinner, a night in with your roomies or a Zoom party, Savorly redefines home entertainment.

We know what you’re thinking: can frozen appetizers be that good?

Savorly is changing the frozen-app game. Each appetizer–mezze bites, mini tarts and mini pies to name a few–is delivered frozen, but Savorly hasn’t sacrificed quality for convenience.


Team SipCozy ordered Savorly’s 12 Mini Tarts and 20 Cocktail Bites and gave them a test go at our most recent happy hour.

We loved how easy it was to pop them into the oven and BAM, the appetizers are ready 15 minutes later. The bites were equally as delicious as they were convenient; our favorites were the Spinach & Ricotta Mini Tarts and the Emmental Cheese Bites.

The best part of Savorly is the convenience–and the price point is great. The bites are also easy to store, so you can take as many as you need and eliminate waste.

These perfectly poppable bites are guaranteed to be a hit at your next social (or digital) gathering. Check them out and elevate your at-home appetizer experience.