Life looks a little different these days, and there’s no doubt we’re all facing some added stress. In a crazy time where our living rooms have turned into offices, our dining tables have become classrooms and our kitchens have replaced our favorite restaurants, it’s more important than ever to keep our stress in check: ensuring we’re not just surviving, but thriving at home.

Here’s our top five coziest ways to decompress and avoid stress:

You don’t have to be a seasoned yogi to reap the benefits of meditation. Taking a few minutes when you wake up to focus on mindfulness and setting intentions for the day can give you the mental clarity you need to be productive. Light a favorite candle and find a cozy spot where you can focus on your breath and release some of that tension.


Incorporating relaxing scents into your routine is a great way to manage stress and stay calm & cozy all day. Investing in a few essential oils might be the best purchase you make all year. Add a few drops of bergamot and citrus to your diffuser first thing in the morning for an energizing start to the day. For tension headaches, rub a little mint on your temples for natural relief. I love ending my at-home workouts by placing a chilled, damp towel with a couple drops of lavender over my eyes for a soothing cooldown.

Practice Hygge (pronounced “hoo -gah”)
Hygge is the Danish word for creating “coziness of the soul.” You can bet the SipCozy team can get behind that. Creating the perfect Hygge environment means lighting lots of candles, cozying up in fluffy blankets, repping your old sweatpants and lounging around the house. It means ditching your avocado toast for warm oatmeal and putting down your phone to play a board game with friends. The art of Hygge gives you permission to slow down and indulge : whether it be snuggling up with a book or sipping on tea while you watch Netflix. Hygge is the prescription for relaxation that we all need.

Get Back to Nature
If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling pretty cooped up lately. The best cure for that could be a little fresh air. We’re not asking you to put on hiking boots and go camping (unless you’re into that), but a short walk or bike ride can do wonders. After a long day of work, pour up some SipCozy, relax on your porch and enjoy the evening breeze.

Make time for Self-Care
You deserve to be pampered every once in a while. And nothing says pamper like a bubble bath complete with candles, an invigorating facemask and a glass of wine. Of course, we prefer SipCozy with our bubbles. With 10mg of calming hemp extract in each 6oz pour, SipCozy pairs perfectly with all your pampering essentials.

Xo, Team SipCozy