Amanda Arrigotti-White, CEO

Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Body Oil, $44

I’ve started mixing a few drops of this oil into body lotion and it gives it this luxurious smell and extra hydration that lasts all day.

Equilibria Evening CBD Drops – $58

On nights when I have deadlines to meet and too many items on my to-do list I can have a hard time falling asleep. A friend of mine discovered this female focused CBD company called Equilibria that created mint flavored CBD drops that help lull you to sleep. I always have these on my nightstand and reach for them after a crazy busy day.

Primally Pure Aromatherapy Mist – $26

I recently started using Primally Pure’s seasonal room sprays and essential oils for my diffuser. They smell amazing and perfectly match seasonal scents like clove and cinnamon in the fall and pine trees and woodsy scents during the winter.

Sakara Plant Based Meal Delivery – Ranges in Price

This year my new year’s resolution was to eat cleaner and more plant based meals. I have been subscribing to Sakara’s breakfasts and lunches for the past month. It is delicious and super convenient!

Schmidts Rose Vanilla Deodorant – $8.99

About two years ago I stopped using titanium based deodorants. I read multiple articles and studies on how damaging it can be for hormone and body health. I switch between this deodorant and a non-titanium Dove deodorant and love both!

True Botanical Face Mist – $28

Switching my time between Boston’s dry winter climate and Jacksonville’s humid weather wreaked havoc on my skin when I first moved. I love this hydrating mist in the winter! I will use it mid-day to replenish moisture and it has a really calming scent.

Nicole Prieto, Associate Director

Boy Smells LES Candle – $32

I lived in the LES of New York City for a few years and every time I burn this candle it brings back great memories of my time in the city. They use an all-natural blend of coconut and beeswax in their candles and aim to be an eco-friendly company.


ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 – $46

This clean beauty product is one of my new favorites – it fuses skincare, makeup, and sun protection all in one product, which is perfect for a gal like me who prefers a natural look!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – $38

Fresh products are tried and true in my book. I’ve used their soy face cleanser for many years and always regret when I try something new.

Diaspora Co. Spice Trio – $36

The pandemic brought at-home cooking back in a large way and these single origin harvest spices are amazing! Our client, Colavita, has built a great relationship with Giving Broadly, a website dedicated to female food makers, and I was introduced to Diaspora through them!

Lesser Evil Organic Popcorn – $4

You know what they say – once you pop, you can’t stop. This popcorn is such a tasty and easy mid-day snack to have on hand in your pantry…and it only has three ingredients!

East Fork Pottery Mixing Bowl – $160

Pre-pandemic I took a few pottery classes and loved it! Since the studio has been closed, I find a lot of inspiration from East Fork Pottery (handmade in Asheville) – their clean and functional designs make small gatherings around the table more beautiful. The clay they use is dug from the Southeast and colored with glazes formulated in-house.