Ready for your next obsession? SkinnyDipped’s innovative low-sugar treats are taking the snack world by storm, and we’re here for it.

Founded by mom and daughter power-duo, SkinnyDipped sets the bar high when it comes to delicious and nutritious clean food. They recently launched a new line of drool-worthy snacks including lower-sugar chocolate bars and peanut butter cups. You don’t have to feel guilty about finishing the whole pack either. SkinnyDipped keeps it simple by leaving out any artificial ingredients and eliminating things like stevia and sugar alcohols.

Not only is SkinnyDipped winning the snack game but they’re also on a mission to leave the world a happier, healthier place. By donating to women’s shelters and afterschool programs, and sourcing almonds from bee-friendly farms, SkinnyDipped is more than just a snack company.

We sat down with Breezy Griffith, founder and CEO of SkinnyDipped, and she gave us the scoop on entrepreneurship, what it’s like having a mom who doubles as a business partner, and SkinnyDipped’s bigger mission.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Is there any relevant or professional experience that helped shape you into the hard-hustling business woman you are today?
Well, my degree was in philosophy and economics, and I had no professional business or food background before starting SkinnyDipped. SkinnyDipped was born out of my love for food and entrepreneurship. For whatever reason an entrepreneurial spirit has always been in my DNA. From weekly lemonade stands and car washes when I was a kid to starting a series of small ventures in my twenties including a sorbet company, a custom cake and cupcake company and so on… I spent my life learning from my failures and all of those lessons, however uncomfortable they may have been at times, helped set me up for success at SkinnyDipped.

How did the idea for SkinnyDipped come about?
After the loss of a young friend, my mom and I decided that we wanted to find a way to spend more time together and start a business. We shared a love for food that could be both delicious and nutritious. The idea for SkinnyDipped was born after discovering we were snacking the same way, which was throwing together a combination of nuts and dark chocolate. We felt as though we could create a really really tasty, balanced snack that was as satiating and good for you as it was delicious. This is how we came up with the idea of a thinly coated chocolate Almond. Our original line was all nuts (almonds, cashews and peanuts) but as the business continues to quickly evolve we are very excited to announce the recent launch of 4 brand new SkinnyDipped products: Peanut Butter Cups and Chocolate Bars (with way less sugar) that align with our brand promise as well as what consumers are looking for. 

You and your mother are the founders of SkinnyDipped. How is it working closely with your family? What benefits or obstacles come with that?
My mom and I did a lot of emotional work up front to figure out how we could continue to be mom and daughter but also be successful business partners. We had to learn a kind of mutual respect for the fact that we had some shared reasons for starting the business and some different reasons and we had to learn to trust each other with the skills that we each brought to the business. Honestly, we’ve never been as close as we are today or spent as much time together as we do now, and that’s something I am incredibly grateful for.

The snack industry is one saturated market, what sets SkinnyDipped apart from the rest?
We set the highest bar when it comes to the quality, flavor and health benefits of our products. Everything that we make is insanely delicious while also delivering on our clean ingredient deck that consumers can feel great about. We put an early focus on our packaging to create a look that was both fun and bold as well as disruptive to the category.  

If you had to pick, what is your favorite SkinnyDipped snack?
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup hands down… no question

Skinny Dipped talks about its commitment to rising up and supporting women and the children they care for—in both local and global communities.  What does that mean for you and why is it such an important part of your mission?
As a mom and daughter, helping women and children is near and dear to our hearts. Women and their children are disproportionately impacted by poverty. To date we have worked with many local organizations from shelters to foodbanks. And, we have some VERY exciting things in the works. Later in the year we will announce a large social giveback program that we have designed to positively benefit women and children who are impacted by the inequalities inherent in the cacao supply chain. So stay tuned!

Starting a new business comes with many obvious road blocks. What challenges, if any, have you faced as a female entrepreneur?  Any advice for other aspiring female entrepreneurs?
Being in the food business, you’re often involved in manufacturing, and that’s an industry that’s been dominated by men, so there have certainly been challenges around being heard as women founders. We continue to do our part to chip away at the glass ceiling when it comes to women being equally seen, heard, and respected in the workplace as are men. Also, funding can be a challenge for lots of young brands, so I would encourage brands to make sure to talk to lots of potential investors before committing to anyone in order to find the best fit for their long-term vision.

Of course we have to know, how do you stay cozy?
For me nothing beats sitting outside with a glass of wine and a crackling fire at sunset.

Xo, Team SipC

Visit to shop for snacks, and find out more about its efforts towards helping women, children and the planet.