JIGGY has changed the puzzling game forever. With its outdated (and somewhat uninspired) artwork, the humble jigsaw puzzle has been reimagined. JIGGY Puzzles embraces whimsy and color with artwork that highlights amazing female artists.

We had the opportunity to chat with JIGGY Founder, Kaylin Marcotte, to learn more about the inspiration behind JIGGY, puzzle culture, and how she balances work and fun!


Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Current city: Brooklyn, NY

Alma Mater: Barnard College, Columbia University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, majored in Political Science, minored in Psychology & Economics

Currently reading: The Alchemist (I re-read it every couple of years!)

Currently watching: The new Game of Thrones prequel and guilty pleasure The Bachelorette

Favorite food to make: Baking - always whipping up healthier versions of cookies, muffins or energy bars 

Favorite food to eat: Fresh seafood or a classic thin-crust Neapolitan pizza


Jiggy Flamingo Puzzle


Kaylin, tell us a little bit about yourself! How did your background and experiences lead you to JIGGY?
After graduating from Barnard, I worked in management consulting and then worked at theSkimm for four years. As the first employee at theSkimm, I learned so much from working with other female founders, but it was definitely fast paced and stressful. As a stress reliever and nightly ritual to take a break from screens, I would puzzle. I became hooked. After a while I got bored with the typical jigsaw puzzles and wanted to create something different and impactful—something that would be a fresh puzzle experience and also help to uplift female artists—and JIGGY was born.

Is puzzling making a comeback?
Definitely! Puzzling is not only a fun activity to do alone or with loved ones, but it’s therapeutic and helps with problem solving skills, creativity and so much more. Puzzling will always be here to stay, and as fall is quickly approaching and more people will be cozying up indoors, there will be a significant rise in puzzling.

JIGGY puzzles are a refreshingly reimagined version of the outdated jigsaw puzzles we used to do. What makes JIGGY so unique?
JIGGY is reinventing the humble jigsaw puzzle by creating puzzles worth framing, featuring amazing female artists from around the world. Each puzzle is a unique piece of art and comes in a reusable glass jar, and includes puzzle glue and a straightedge to prep for framing and hanging in your home!

What was your inspiration behind the beautiful artwork featured on your puzzles?
As a female founder, I knew I wanted to help support female artists and I wanted JIGGY's products that have a greater impact. Each puzzle artwork is made by a female artist and is reflective of their distinct aesthetics and experiences.

How do you balance a busy work life and personal life?
I live by my calendar and make sure to block off time to take care of myself—for exercise, acupuncture, and time with friends and family. I have tried to let go of my urge to multitask and be very focused when working, and then very present when recharging or with loved ones.

What does wellness mean to you?
Wellness means thoughtful, empowered choices about balance and mental and physical health. I feel I’m working towards wellness when I’m being intentional and listening to my needs and boundaries.

What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced starting a business as a female entrepreneur?
As a one-woman show, I constantly have to negotiate for myself and the business, show our value and differentiation—and especially in the still old-school world of manufacturing and fulfillment, learn the right questions to ask.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Our community is incredible! Both the artists we work with and the customers who puzzle with us are what keeps me going and gives me endless inspiration.

What is one piece of advice that has helped you the most during your professional career?
Take time to network and build relationships. Building a circle around me of advisors, peers, collaborators and cheerleaders has been invaluable, for everything from tactical advice, fresh ideas and brainstorms, to just encouraging me to push through when self-doubt creeps in!