Meet Siesta Co., our new favorite brand for conservas, or tinned fish. Lucía and Carlos Flors, Spanish-American wife-husband team, launched Siesta Co. after moving from Spain to the United States. As physicians working to further their specializations in the US, Lucía and Carlos missed the flavors of Spain and its easygoing, aperitivo culture. With the goal to bring some of those flavors to the states, the Flors launched Siesta Co. 

We sit down with Lucía to learn more about her life in Spain, the vision behind Siesta Co., and what makes these tiny tins of seafood so special.


Photography by The Ingalls


Hometown: Sagunto, Valencia, Spain

Current city: Los Angeles, California

Alma Mater: University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Degree: MD, PhD, MBA

Currently reading: Play it as it Lays by Joan Didion

Currently watching: Salt Fat Acid Heat with Samin Nosrat

Favorite food to make: Tortilla Española (with potatoes and onions)

Favorite food to eat: Paella Valenciana


Tell us a little about your life growing up in Spain.
Both Carlos and I grew up in Valencia, Spain, I would say as normal kids with simple lives, enjoying the endless summer days on the beach and playing with our friends freely in the streets.

Meals are pretty much the center of family reunions and gathering with friends. I grew up enjoying fresh, delicious food, much of which is sourced straight from the Mediterranean Sea and local orchards. I have wonderful childhood memories of my grandma’s paella on Sundays, eating seafood right out of the tin and enjoying my favorite snack: bocadillo (sandwich) of tuna and olives in school.

Why the name “Siesta”?
We wanted a Spanish name for our brand that would be easily recognized globally, and “siesta” beautifully encapsules our values. A daytime nap after the midday meal. We think siesta is a Spanish emblem and the symbol of good life. We believe in pausing your day and enjoying your meal mindfully, and if time allows, even a short nap is so restorative.

Tinned fish is making a comeback. What makes these little seafood tins so intriguing?
Tinned seafood has been a Spanish tradition for over two centuries. Many of them are considered delicacies. Conservas are a way to capture and maintain the catch at its peak of freshness, a tinned time capsule of unparalleled flavor and nutrients like omega 3, protein, and iron. Inside the tin is tradition and culture.

All of the seafood we work with is sourced by fisheries in Galicia, Spain, an area we consider to have the best seafood in the world. Wild-caught and sustainably fished, exclusively all natural ingredients, packed into organic extra virgin olive oil. They are the perfect meal or snack, healthy, and easy to serve.


Photography by The Ingalls


Not only are you an entrepreneur, you and your husband are both physicians! Tell us how you find balance between a busy professional life and personal life. How do you make time for self-care?
The limits between our professional and personal lives are frequently blurry. We are both really passionate about what we do, but we feel that both medicine and now this new journey with Siesta are wonderful things to impregnate ours and our family’s lives.

I love rituals and try to enjoy even the simpler things such as our morning breakfast, walks in our hilly neighborhood, or a bath with my daughters. I really enjoy our morning rides in Griffith Park. The views of LA from the Observatory on a foggy morning are amazing.

What does “wellness” mean to you?
For me, wellness means both mental and physical health. Being in a family of physicians (both my father and grandfather were physicians, and also my husband’s parents and sister), I feel it is strongly rooted within my life. To be honest I barely think about it. Just by eating healthy you have so much covered (low cholesterol, low sugars, normal blood pressure, normal weight). The Mediterranean diet is just perfect for this. Exercise, especially outdoors, is key both for mental and physical health.

What’s one piece of advice that has helped you the most in your professional career?
Follow your dreams and work hard to achieve them. Be passionate and believe in who you are and where you want to be.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
At this point of my life, I find inspiration from my daughters. They are 4 and 2 years old. The purity, authenticity, and unconditional love.

What is your favorite Siesta Co. tinned fish? How do you enjoy it? (crackers, fish dip, Crudités, by itself?)
We love them all! And our daughters do too. There are many ways to enjoy them, but we like it best right out of the can with freshly baked bread and a glass of wine.

Have you experienced any challenges as a woman as you navigate the small-business world?
Quite the opposite. I was extremely surprised about the enormous support I have found in the community of women entrepreneurs, especially in the food industry. Their eagerness to help and generous spirit has been stunning.

What are some ways we can collectively support women in your industry?
Being there for each other. There is a growing number of amazing communities and organizations that we can reach for help, but honestly I also feel it is really important to just show your support and share your knowledge when a peer contacts you via social media.