What a year it’s been. I’ve spent a majority of 2020 working on my vision to create beautiful, high-quality beverages for women in all stages of life. As we prepare to celebrate the one-year anniversary of SipCozy, I am thrilled to introduce to you SipClean.

Mid-lockdown, my late-night puzzling sessions had evolved into brainstorming sessions. The idea for a sister product of SipCozy started coming to life and I quickly reached out to our winemaker, Meredith Leahy, to discuss a canned non-alcoholic rosé. Meredith loved the idea, and I journeyed to California to select the grapes post-quarantine.

Holding two SipClean rosé wine cans
Unlike SipCozy, SipClean is not infused with broad-spectrum hemp extract. After reading customers’ feedback saying there aren’t enough non-alcoholic options on the market that actually taste like wine, I knew that SipClean had to be made with the simplest ingredients: nothing but dealcoholized wine and light carbonation. My goal for SipClean was to create a non-alcoholic, low-calorie wine without sacrificing the initial flavor of the rosé.

SipClean contains a blend of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from California with a light, airy, and refreshingly sweet flavor profile. Our winemaker uses state-of-the-art spinning cone technology (the same process as SipCozy) to carefully remove the alcohol from the wine, preserving the natural flavors and bright aromas from the original grapes.

Informational graphic on our canned SipClean rosé wine
The idea for SipClean was born out of convenience, individuality and, overall, wellness. I wanted to create a beverage similar to SipCozy – a rosé that serves as an alternative to regular wine – but with a personalized touch.

This light, bubbly rosé offers a new way to enjoy wine without the negative effects of alcohol. With wellness in mind, my vision for SipClean was to create a beverage that women can integrate into their lives at any stage.

Pouring our canned SipClean rosé wine into a glass

Whether it’s to cut back on alcohol or to fulfill a personal choice, we made SipClean just for you.

Xo, Alex