Varietal: French Colombard

Sweetness: very dry

Acidity: acidic; tart, crisp finish

Body: light body, slightly effervescent

Tasting notes: stone fruits, melon and white floral notes


A classic pairing, we know. But the wine you choose to enjoy with your cheeseboard can influence your cheesy experience. When pairing cheese, try to match intensity. Young cheeses with slightly sweet flavor profiles are complemented by the light-bodied crisp tartness of a dry wine varietal. Highly acidic, dry white wines like SipClean White Blend pair well with Alpine-style cheese such as Gouda, Havarti, or Swiss. Avoid aged, ultra-flavorful cheeses.

Serving suggestion: Point Reyes Aged Gouda Cheese with hot pepper jelly paired with SipClean White Wine



Dry, acidic varietals are the wines to reach for when serving most seafood.

Think about balancing weight and substance. For example, delicate raw or white fish and light, briny shellfish go best with equally delicate, light white wines. The high acidity and crispness of SipClean White Wine brightens earthy, buttery flavors of salty seafood dishes. Look for lean white fish like flounder, snapper, even raw clams and oysters.

Serving suggestion: Pan-seared cod with a lemon, butter and capers, served with SipClean White Wine

Serving suggestion: Raw Hog Island Oysters with lemon and saltines, served with crisp SipClean

Serving suggestion: Crudités plate with Siesta Co. Sardines in Olive Oil, cornichon pickles, crackers, whole grain mustard, served with cool SipClean White Wine



Artichokes have a bad reputation of “killing” wines because of a compound that makes them taste sweeter than they really are. To compensate, serve artichokes with wines that are highly acidic and contain little to no residual sugar… enter SipClean.

Serving suggestion: Steamed artichokes with garlic butter for dipping and chilled SipClean White Wine


Potato Chips

Yes, you read that right! The super saltiness of a classic potato chip works perfectly with dry, sparkling white wines. SipClean White blend is slightly effervescent and very dry, making it a potato chip’s best friend.

Serving suggestion: Serve crunchy kettle-cooked chips and a glass of low-alcohol white wine at your next party for a unique hors d'oeuvre.



Mild, buttery olives, like Cerignola or Castelvetrano, pair well with dry, crisp white wines. 

Serving suggestion: Serve Castelvetrano olives with a sheep’s milk cheese, like Manchego, and tart SipClean White Wine.

Serving suggestion: Pair meaty Cerignola olives with salty anchovies and a glass of dry SipClean White Wine for the ultimate salinity experience.