As the heat of summer transitions towards fall, we’re savoring the season and all it brings: our favorites being the salty ocean breeze and a cool glass of wine on a hot summer night.

One of the best ways to enjoy a great glass of wine (alcoholic or not) is to pair it with complementary flavors. The key to wine and food pairing is finding flavors and aromas that balance each other. More acidic wines, like SipClean, pair perfectly with foods that are fatty, oily, rich, or salty, because the acid in wine "cuts" through that heaviness—similar to the way we squeeze lemon wedges over briny seafood dishes such as oysters.

To celebrate the changing seasons and to hold on to the last bit of salty ocean air, we’re dedicating this month to our favorite salty foods. Follow along to learn about our favorite brands, ways to pair SipClean, and more salty inspiration.