It’s the season for dinner parties and soirees, and setting the right atmosphere for your guests is key. We’ve got all the hosting and entertaining essentials that will be the talk of the night.
Hosting a party? Set the mood with a signature scent that greets your guests. We love Baobab candles for their gorgeous designs and delicious scents.
Don’t let your table go naked. Frame your plates with these stunning placemats from Misette.
Your glass of wine (non-alcoholic or not) deserves the best accessories. These cotton cocktail napkins are our go-to for every dinner party.
We’re a sucker for cute glassware, so of course we had to include Estelle. These colorful, hand-blown glasses are like little ornaments for your table. They also make the best gifts!
Don’t leave anyone out! Some of your guests may not be drinking. Rather than offering them a boring soda water and lime, break out the SipClean for festive sips for everyone.
Move over salted peanuts. Offer your guests something with a little pizzazz to snack on. This sweet and savory nut mix from Dada Daily will take your munching game to the next level.
Plain white dishes are out. Oyster plates are in. These oyster appetizer plates add a fun seaside flare to your dinerware lineup.