A good skincare routine involves more than just the face. We tested out Kate McLeod’s CBD Stones and fell in love with the way they flawlessly melt on your skin, leaving your entire body feeling nourished and relaxed. Hypoallergenic and Vegan friendly, the full-spectrum CBD Stone is basically a gentle, all-over body moisturizer in the shape of a stone.

The moisturizer doesn’t have a heavy hemp smell, instead it offers a soothing eucalyptus-like scent that you’ll want to put all over your body (you can and you should). We suggest warming the stone in your hands for a few seconds before applying; this will help it glide smoothly along the skin.

We have nothing but good things to say about this little ball of joy. Sadly, Kate McLeod is retiring the CBD Stone so

Check out our reviews below.

Alex’s thoughts:

One of my absolute favorite self-care products is Kate McLeod’s Daily Stone. My sister got it for me for Christmas and it instantly became part of my daily skincare routine.

Once I ran out of the original Daily Stone I went to order my second one and saw the CBD version. I immediately ordered it and it became a game changer for my sore muscles. I take Epsom salt baths after long runs and the CBD Stone
helps relieve any tender, post-workout muscles. I almost always feel immediate relief; I love to use it before bed to help relax my body.

Heather’s thoughts:

I also received the original Kate McLeod Daily Stone as a gift and LOVE the light scent and overall smoothness of the moisturizer. Once the SipCozy team discovered the CBD Stone, trying it out was a must.


The stone’s scent is light and crisp, leaving your skin smelling fresh all day without having an overwhelming fragrance. My skin tends to be dry and sensitive during the summer so this product has helped me tremendously. I prefer to use it after a shower to hydrate and relax my skin. I’d recommend this to any self-care product junkie.

Eden’s thoughts:

I don’t use body lotions or oils on a daily basis; they usually leave my skin feeling oily, which leads to breakouts. But, after using this moisturizer for the first time I was instantly hooked. The stone feels incredibly smooth on the
skin and leaves no oily residue, whatsoever.

My shoulders tend to tighten up during workouts so I rub the stone on tight areas before the gym. Not only does my skin feel ten times smoother, but the CBD helps relax and loosen up my shoulders before my workout. If you exercise frequently, this really is a game changer – I can even use it daily without having to worry about breakouts.

Xo, Team SipCozy