Let’s be honest: New year, new me is getting old. We prefer to take things one step at a time at SipC, and a January Reset is the perfect first step in creating new wellness-minded habits. Whatever your goal for the new year, you have our support. (And our N/A wine.) Reset, recharge, and refresh your wellness routine with us this January.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… The benefits of cutting alcohol for 30 days—although challenging—are completely beneficial to your overall health. Things like sleeping better, saving money, feeling energized, losing weight, and having better skin are just a few of our favorite benefits of going dry.

You’re already familiar with booze-free benefits, and although they can actually happen overnight, cutting back is easier said than done. Rather than focusing on “not drinking,” train your mind to focus on what makes you feel good in the long run. Check out these wellness tips to help guide you into the new year.

Get Active
We’re not telling you to get in Ninja Warrior shape in a month (but feel free). Joining a gym seems cliché for the new year, but being physically active is essential to feeling your best. If crowded gyms aren’t your scene, try getting outside to get your body moving. Replacing bottomless mimosas with a light workout or long walk will leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished rather than hungover.

Limit Screen Time

We know you don’t want to hear it. We know you have to finish binging The White Lotus. A hard day’s work usually ends in a screen-filled night, but endless scrolling can unknowingly impact your mental health. Set a time limit for social media, grab that book you’ve been meaning to read for years, and try winding down without a screen.

Wake Up & Get Outside
Work schedules typically determine sleep schedules, but if you’re a natural night owl, try going to bed and waking up earlier. Getting outside in the morning—even if it means standing still in direct morning sunlight—is extremely beneficial to your circadian rhythm, or the process that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Cutting booze at night means you’ll wake up feeling refreshed; optimize your morning routine by waking up with some sunshine.

Don’t Be a Hermit
Ask a friend to take on the January Reset with you. Going dry alone can be intimidating, and support from each other may just be the key to a successful low-alcohol month. And don’t be afraid to say yes to plans! Cutting back on booze doesn’t mean you have to opt out of every social gathering. Grab a case of SipClean or order a mocktail when out with friends. You might even inspire others to join in on the fun!

Cutting out alcohol can be both mentally and physically challenging, so don’t quit or feel discouraged if you slip up halfway through the month. Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes work, and making mistakes is part of the process. Be patient with yourself, stay focused, and sip clean along the way.