It’s almost spooky season, and we have an idea that may give you the creeps: cutting out alcohol for 30 days. Scary, right? Believe it or not, sober October is a great way to challenge yourself, prioritize wellness, and reset before the holiday madness. Team SipC is (once again) going sober in October, and here are just a few reasons why you should join us.

Better sleep

Feeling better starts with sleeping better. While alcohol may make you fall asleep quickly, it disrupts your rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and can cause long-term fatigue. The fourth and most important stage of sleep, REM stimulates certain areas of the brain that help you learn and retain memories. Alcohol shortens the REM stage, meaning you wake up feeling sluggish and overtired. Cut the booze for 30 days, let your body hit the reset button, and wake up feeling fresher than ever.

Save money

Alcohol is expensive! There’s nothing wrong with splurging on $20 cocktails during the occasional girls’ night, but you may surprise yourself at how much money you can save when going alcohol-free. Heal your body and your bank account with us—your wallet will thank you come the holidays.

More energy

A nasty hangover obviously comes with fatigue, but post-drinking lethargy can be more long term than you think. Drinking alcohol—yes, even moderately—drains vitamin B levels, causes dehydration, and can cause long-term brain fog. Keep a mental note of your energy levels while going sober; you may start to notice increased energy and ability to focus.

Weight loss

Trying to lose weight, get fit, or maintain your hard work in the gym? It’s no secret that alcohol contributes to weight gain. Consuming sugary, high-calorie drinks may put you in a caloric surplus—meaning you consume more calories than you burn—which causes unwanted weight gain. Not only will you feel less bloated when going sober, you may see a noticeable difference in weight loss after 30 booze-free days.

Better skin

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Since alcohol is inflammatory, it directly affects your organs and joints. Dehydrated, irritated, puffy, or “tired-looking” skin probably sounds familiar after a night out, and it could be the booze. We’re not saying going alcohol-free will give you a facelift, but you may notice a major difference in your skin’s complexion after crushing sober October.