Summer is here and our team has the must-have beauty products, fashion faves, and warm-weather necessities of the season.


Sunbum Mango Lip Sunscreen

Sunbum Mango Lip Sunscreen - $3.99
Gotta protect the pucker!

Elta Face Sunscreen - $39
Our fave because it’s so lightweight and over 30 SPF.
We also put it on our hands! No sun damage here.
Elta Face Sunscreen

Hydroflask 40oz Water Bottle

Hydroflask 40oz Water Bottle - $49.95
A long day in the sun means lots of water! Hydration is ~key~

SipClean Mixed Sample Pack - $24
Ditch the swimsuit bloat. Sip on something light and refreshing instead of sugary mixed drinks or heavily carbonated seltzers.
AYR Staycation Short

AYR Staycation Short - $95
Our go-to classic summer short.

Chin Strap Straw Hat - $54
Don’t sleep on a classic straw hat for summer.
It’s timeless and provides an extra layer of of sun protection.
Chin Strap Straw Hat

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - $179.95
We can’t go anywhere without our spotify summer playlists.
Share the tunes wherever you go.