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Cozy Cooking: Butter & Oils

C O O K I N G  W I T H  C A N N A B I S

By Team SipCozy

Everything tastes better with butter. Adding cannabis to butter makes everything taste and feel better; plus, it is an excellent smoke-free alternative to ease into making your own edible treats or master culinary creations.

Butters can be infused with cannabis that contains only CBD, or both CBD and THC. You can use it while baking sweets, topping off popcorn, or my personal favorite: on pasta. If you’re a novice “cannachef” like the SipCozy team, we suggest reading “The Art of Weed Butter: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Cannabutter Master.” Check it out if you want to channel your inner Martha Stewart and try it from scratch!

We explored the best infused butter options on the market for everyday use (or perhaps for culinary-challenged individuals, like us) that don’t require busting out every kitchen utensil you own. We also investigated oil options, because sometimes butter isn’t in line with specific dietary needs. The same principles that go into making butters can also be applied to infusing cannabis into chili oil, olive oil, etc. The difference is that some oils cannot be used over certain heat temperatures, and oil offers a dairy-free option.

Check out what we tested below!

Hippie Butter  | $15.99

This organic, vegan hemp seed butter can be used as a spread on crackers, added to your smoothies, or even as a dip. The consistency is comparable to almond or peanut butter and has a dark green color derived from the Chlorophyll content. Made in Terrell, Texas, this hemp seed butter has a sweet, earthy flavor. When mixed with honey and banana slices on toast, it makes for the perfect nutritious breakfast, blending greens, grains and proteins all at once!

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Pot d’Huile, Hemp-Infused Olive Oil | $37.00

Made in San Francisco, this hemp-infused CBD olive oil can be a substitute for all recipes requiring oils! It is a great staple to have in your kitchen for any CBD-inspired meals, or even as a last-minute addition. The website offers five optional recipes and ideas to make your own cannabis creations.

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Delta, CBD Cooking Oil | $39.99

ATTENTION ALL COCONUT LOVERS! This is a non-GMO, organic blend of coconut oil and Phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil containing a high level of CBD. The Maryland-based company makes the oil in different milligram doses depending on your preference, ranging from 200mg to 2750mg. It includes the same health benefits from coconut oil, PLUS hemp and CBD benefits. The consistency of this oil is fine and light, making it the perfect ingredient to cook with! We added a tablespoon of 200mg CBD cooking oil into a pasta sauce, and it was life-changing.

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Zatural, CBD Butter | $60.00

Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, this product offers a whole new take on butter. It’s infused with full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from cocoa butter and sativa cannabis plants from Colorado. The hemp seeds used in the butter have been cold-pressed: a method that helps retain its natural, nutritional value, making this butter a healthy alternative! It can be used both topically (for targeted pain areas) or as a food addition for smoothies, toast, sauces, etc.

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The Georgia Hemp Company, Hemp Extract Olive Oil | $40.00

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia is a unique company blending Extra Virgin Olive Oil with CBD from Hemp Extract. Very light in color and consistency allowing consumer to use this product in several recipes! Each bottle of Hemp Extract Olive Oil contains up to 500mg of CBD with instructions for measuring preferred amount of CBD mg. in tablespoons.

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We enjoyed trying out all of these different butters and oils and look forward to including them in upcoming recipes this summer!

Xo, Team SipCozy