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Dry January Survival Guide

With the new year comes new opportunities—a chance to set new goals, freshen routines, and refocus on wellness through resolutions. For some, cutting back on alcohol is on that list. Whatever your why, deciding to take a break from drinking is a personal choice, and we’re here to support you. 

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you survive Dry January and stay on track to kick-start your goals for the new year. 

More than just taking your mind off drinking, the new year is a great time to set some goals for yourself! Bust out a blank notepad and start writing down things you want to accomplish. Whether it’s fitness, personal, or professional, the act of writing down your goals puts thought into action. 

Spending too much time on social media inevitably impacts our mental health. A good way to kick off the new year is to purge accounts that “don’t bring you joy,” to quote Marie Kondo. It’s personal, but it will feel good to unfollow accounts that push content that doesn’t make you feel good.

Set a time limit for social media to try and cut it down. Take a walk, learn a new hobby, read a book… Cutting down on social media consumption while cutting back on alcohol is another good habit to create. 

We’ve come a long way from club soda and lime. With tons of No and Low spritzes, wine, beer, even spirit options to choose from, not drinking is just as much fun—but you don’t wake up with a hangover the next day.

Need a few recommendations?




Ask a friend or two if they want to ditch booze with you! Plan activities together that don’t revolve around drinking, but instead focus on achieving your goals. 

“My girlfriends and I will plan on crushing a workout class instead of grabbing a drink when we want to spend time together.” – Madi, SipC Brand Manager

Having friends around to take on a fun workout class or checking out a new art exhibit is a great way to integrate new activities into your daily routine. 

Other ideas include joining a book club, exploring a new national park in your city or taking a cooking class.

We’re currently using
My Wellness Journal from Papier. We love this journal because there’s space to track goals, self-care moments, mood and daily thoughts and feelings. If wellness and diet are part of your goals for the new year, we love the NOOM app to help with a mindful approach to better eating habits.

Get in the habit of keeping track of how you feel when you make progress on your goals. Or even just a quick jot in your phone notes when you wake up can help you appreciate those sober mornings! You’ll start to prefer that clear head, more energy feeling.

You don’t need to be a perfectionist here. Don’t think of it as slipping up if you have a glass of wine two weeks in. No need to throw in the towel! Just get back on it the next day. Remember that this is an exercise to help you become more mindful about drinking, not about being perfect.

Xo, Team SipC

One thought on “Dry January Survival Guide

  1. The opportunity to try Dry January, comes once a year! Your article is full of great suggestions, and encouragement! In particular, I have found that I do not have to give up the relaxation and light hearted fun, that comes from sharing “Happy Hour” with others, by understanding how to enjoy this time, alcohol free.
    1: To avoid too much scrutiny, and possible criticism from others, I have a “drink”, in my hand. A can of Sip Clean, even w a splash of cranberry, works for me!
    2: Sip Clean tastes great, and I get a sense of relief, just popping the top. It is the same feeling I get, anticipating an alcoholic drink, or taking that first relaxing sip
    of one, even before the alcohol, has physically had any effect on me. But, the best news, there is no persistent craving from the alcohol, or hangover…etc.
    3: An understanding of how alcohol really works, was key for me in being successful with this healthy and positive commitment.
    4: Annie Grace, of “This Naked Mind”, and The “30 Day Alcohol Experiment”, were excellent! Her insights and info, on the affects of alcohol are a true gift!!
    5: I feel joy in being alive, and sustain this with knowledge about what alcohol really is, and enjoy a delicious AF glass of SipClean, to toast to this! Cheers!

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