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Holiday Gift Guide: Something for Everyone

We all know the holidays are looking a little different this year. But we still have online shopping, right? We’ve saved you some time and done the research for you. Now, all you have to do is click (you’re welcome!) Made just for you, this ultimate gift guide guarantees something for everyone on your gift list.

For the Bar Cart Curator

Having a perfectly curated bar cart is a difficult task to accomplish. But don’t stress if you’re bar-cart challenged, we’re here to help. Take a look at this gift guide to step up your cocktail game and channel your inner mixologist.

Stardust Coupe Glass

Stardust Coupe Glass $11.95

Who doesn’t love a sassy coupe glass? The key to a gorgeous bar set up is stunning glassware.

Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes

Infused Ice Cubes $19.99

Herb & Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes are genius. Simply freeze the ice cubes and add to the recommended liquor for a perfectly crafted cocktail.


SipClean $16 per 4-pack

Just 30 calories and 7 carbs, SipClean is the perfect alcohol alternative. Your booze-free guests will surely thank you.


Bad Ass Muddler $12.99

The Bad Ass Muddler from Cocktail Kingdom is a bar cart essential, and a go-to gift for friends and family.

Stardust Coupe Glass

Crude Bitters Sampler Set $25

Bitters add a uniqueness to drinks, help cut acidity and offer subtle flavor undertones. This set is perfect for testing new cocktail recipes.

Stardust Coupe Glass

The Mini Bar: 100 Essential Cocktail Recipes $14.67

This 8-notebook set makes creating classic cocktails easy.

For the Self-Isolator

2020 has been a good year for the homebody – we all have that friend who is thriving in isolation. These gifts will guarantees a cozy quarantine for the self-isolator in your life.

Stardust Coupe Glass

Jiggy Puzzles $40-$49

Say goodbye to lame and outdated puzzles. The Jiggy Puzzle collection offers funky designs that highlight female artists in a creative, new way.

Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask $50

This is a pricey sleep mask, but you can’t put a price on waking up looking well-rested. Add this to your sleep routine and you’ll be ready to face all those Zoom Hinge dates.


SipCozy $18

What better way to self-isolate than with a glass of coziness? Our hemp-infused rosé truly takes chillaxing to the next level.


Nazar Eye Blanket $160

These vibrant, sustainable throw blankets will make your cozy corner on the couch a little more fun.

Stardust Coupe Glass

Original Boujee Body Oil $78

This body oil is life-changing. We’re not exaggerating when we say you’ll receive compliments on your scent every time you wear it.

Stardust Coupe Glass

PJ Salvage Sleep Sets $98-$120

Loungers do it better. Imagine the most comfortable pair of PJs you didn’t know existed… these are them!

For the Culinary Aficionado

We saw the resurgence of various culinary trends during quarantine. From homemade sourdough bread to adventorous charcuterie boards, people channeled their inner Martha Stewarts while stuck at home. Here are some of our favorite things to give the aspiring chef in your life.

French Poodle

French Poodle Vinaigrette $14

The. Best. Dressing. Ever. Shipping is pricey, but it’s worth it. This salad dressing comes in a recycled wine bottle and is the famous secret recipe of a French chef’s. If you’re looking to step up your salad game (who isn’t), this is for you.

Hot Sloth CBD Hot Sauce

Hot Sloth CBD Hot Sauce $36

This is not your typical hot sauce. With 300mg of CBD in each bottle, tropical flavors and a mild to medium heat, this stuff really pops in your mouth. Also, that color… a gorgeous shade of pink that we can get behind!

The Cheese Knife

The Cheese Knife $35

No party is complete without a cheese plate and The Cheese Knife by w&p is the chicest way to slice it.


Super Sourdough $22.49

Let’s be honest: we all love a beautiful cookbook…almost as much as we love a piece of fresh, homemade bread. This sourdough guide book makes bread-baking easy.

Stardust Coupe Glass

Phillips Electric Pasta Maker $149.95

Want to impress someone? Make them homemade pasta. With just flour, water, and an egg, you’ll have delicious pasta in less than 12 minutes.

Stardust Coupe Glass

Oyster of the Month Club $225 for a 3-month membership

Island Creek Oysters brilliantly developed an Oyster of the Month Club, allowing oyster lovers to receive 25 oysters from various farms in the Northeast once a month. Start enjoying oysters from the comfort of your own home.