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Meet SipCozy

By Alexandria Klempf

As difficult as it is to start a fresh chapter of life, explaining it to complete strangers is almost more challenging.

By some way or another, you found yourself on the SipCozy blog – and here you are reading this post – so here goes nothing.

I spent my twenties literally hopping from project to project. I wrote a graduate thesis, joined part of a team that opened and closed restaurants, wrote grants, threw, planned and hosted engagement parties, baby showers and bachelorette parties (these are a 100% projects), and oversaw the transformation of a hundred-year-old building in Downtown Jacksonville into a restaurant.

I was constantly working on projects for people who hired me because they knew I would get it done, which is an awesome feeling. But after spending the past decade of my life working on projects for other people, I felt the need to have ownership in something that was mine.

I began having these thoughts when I turned thirty, which seems pretty standard and cliché when you start a new decade of life. It was somewhat of a millennial mid-life crisis, or for the astrology nerds: my Saturn return was happening. I had no idea what my business would be, when it would start, or how I would do it. I just knew it was something I had to do for myself.

On another very relevant note, I love wine. Like… really really love it. So much so that I even surprised myself with a “mystery trip” to a wine region for my thirtieth birthday, and had no idea where I was going until the day of the trip. If anyone says they grow grapes and make wine, you better believe that if I stumble upon it, I’m trying it.

I was sitting at a bar (actually in the 100-year-old building/restaurant I mentioned earlier) after a marketing meeting, waiting for my family to meet me for dinner. Yes, I was having a glass of wine. Earlier in the day, I read an article about the CBD cocktail craze that was sweeping bar scenes. The thought flashed through my mind mid-sip: cannabis and wine are like long lost best friends and totally need to be brought together.

It was one of those moments that you can’t really put into words, but you instantly know something is right. The next day I bought the domains and started researching how I would bring this imaginary product to life. I knew I wanted the product to be alcohol-removed, low calorie, and have high-quality cannabis to provide an ideal experience for the consumer.

The entire journey from start to finish felt surreal. Everything lined up. A couple of years ago, I was a bridesmaid with a winemaker, Meredith Leahy. She immediately popped into my mind and was the first person I reached out to about my project. She was living in Napa and said she was in for this new challenge.

On September 20th, we bottled the first run of SipCozy. It was an amazing process from the beginning, and without Meredith’s guidance and expertise, I am certain I would have hit multiple roadblocks. We had a great team that assisted us with the de-alcoholization process, and our infusion specialists made sure our product contained the highest quality hemp ingredients for the emulsion to compliment the wine.

Today, SipCozy launches, and it is the beginning of a new way for people to enjoy an adult

beverage without alcohol. I have had an amazing group of people get me to this day and I am so grateful for my team. My three-year-old niece, Locke, calls her night clothes “cozies” and loves to get cozy on the couch with blankets to cuddle. The name SipCozy is meant to embody the coziest of feelings, creating a sense of safety and comfort with people you love. I hope drinking SipCozy invokes that same feeling in you as you enjoy every sip.

The first part of my project is complete. SipCozy is a alcohol-removed, broad-spectrum hemp-infused wine. Now comes the next part, which is you. I look forward to learning and growing from my future customers and am excited for the surprises and adventures to come along the way.