Meet the newest SipClean additions

Introducing SipClean 2020 Rosé and SipClean White Blend

At the end of 2020, we launched our original 2018 SipClean rosé with the mission to provide a healthy alternative for wine- and wellness-lovers alike. 

Creating high-quality, real wine experiences—sans alcohol—is something we are extremely passionate about. SipClean is more than just a convenient alternative to alcohol; it’s a legitimate option for women who love wine, but, for whatever reason, are choosing not to drink.

After selling out twice in the first year, the demand for more options was there… and we listened. We’re excited to introduce two new SipClean varietals: SipClean 2020 Rosé and our first-ever white wine.

SipClean 2020 Rosé contains Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Washington. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and dry, offering notes of red fruits, like strawberries and Rainier cherries.

SipClean’s 2020 White Blend is made with French Colombard grapes from California. This light-bodied, slightly effervescent wine offers notes of sweet melon and peach with floral on the finish, making it perfect for every occasion.

Whether it’s to cut back on alcohol or to fulfill a personal choice, we made SipClean just for you.

Cheers to keeping things clean!

Xo, Team SipC

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