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Meet Your New Besties: Cannabis & Wine

What is CBD, and why make alcohol-removed wine with it?

Good question. Cannabidiol (CBD) is blowing up these days; it can be found in anything from dog biscuits to bath bombs.

There are lots of CBD-infused products on the market, but consumers oftentimes lack education. The Farm Bill of 2018 made it legal to sell hemp-based products in the US at a federal level. However, specific laws vary state-to-state depending on their definition of cannabis. It is a bit of a gray area for now, but many states are making revisions to their laws to comply with the Farm Bill.

Cannabis can be grown for both medical marijuana and hemp use. For hemp to be considered legal, it must contain less than .3% of THC. So, CBD derived from a hemp plant with less than .3% of THC is considered completely legal.

So why put it in alcohol-removed wine?

SipCozy was created as an alternative to alcohol, but crafted with an emphasis on the winemaking process. People who regularly enjoy Cannabis and wine can now enjoy both at the same time – without the side effects of alcohol. Our infusion is absorbed sublingually and creates an onset of effects within 8-15 minutes.

The taste is bright, full and warm. SipCozy is not only a beverage, but a lifestyle. Curling up in your favorite robe, soft sweater or fresh, clean sheets are just a few of the many ways to start your cozy routine. SipCozy bottles that feeling and promotes a lifestyle of comfort.

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