Established in 2019, SipClean is happily female-owned and operated in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Meredith Leahy, award-winning Napa Valley winemaker, oversees our entire winemaking process. We continue to work together to create high-quality alternatives to regular wine.



INNOVATION We are dedicated to using the best technology to create and improve our products.

SELF-AWARENESS We are committed to remaining socially self-aware and educating ourselves. The industry is evolving and growing. No one’s perfect. We strive for brand self-awareness, recognizing our products’ impact in consumers’ day-to-day life.

EDUCATION We want our consumers to feel confident and educated about our products. Whenever possible, we will take the necessary steps to provide easy access to information that can assist in their understanding of our products and the industry.

QUALITY We are devoted to creating a product with high-quality ingredients and only work with partners that share this vision.



In a world where alcohol is queen, we’ve created products that allow our customers to keep the experience without sacrificing the taste.

With wellness in mind, we keep things simple with clean ingredients and more to sip. By eliminating the negative side effects of alcohol, our products allow for new consumer experiences when selecting an adult beverage. We position our products as alternative adult beverages by resonating with consumers’ emotional and social connection to alcohol consumption, while simultaneously educating and presenting a new option that can replace the old one.