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Product Review: The Georgia Hemp Company CBD Brownie Mix

The SipCozy team enjoys nothing more than sharing easy DIY recipes. And eating delicious brownies. Luckily, The Georgia Hemp Company’s CBD Brownie Mix contains 200mg of CBD per bag. Yep, you read that right: a premade CBD brownie mix! Your only responsibilities are to add an egg, milk (or milk substitute), vanilla extract, oil and/or chocolate chunks (if that’s your thing).



A Cozy Sweet Tooth

Candy is (for some reason) associated with Valentine’s Day almost as much as Halloween. Whether you adore or resent the day of love, you’ll probably find yourself mindlessly devouring candy on the couch. Rather than binge-eating a hundred heart-shaped Reese’s, try opting for a CBD infused peanut butter cup or lollipop to relieve that indescribable confection craving.