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Time to Get Cozy With Fur Friends

C O Z Y  C A T S  &  C A N I N E S

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spoiled your dog or cat to no end. To further pamper our furry friends we tested out some CBD pet products. CBD has been the latest trend in pet healthcare and most importantly, it actually works! We checked out products that guarantee cozy results for your cats and canines.

King Kanine

SipCozy is always on the lookout for Florida-based companies that specialize in hemp products. Located in Plantation, Fla., King Kanine makes high-quality CBD products designed specifically for pets. But King Kanine’s products go beyond dogs and cats; if you have a pet rabbit or horse, you’re in luck.

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, King Kanine has a product for almost every dog breed. SipCozy content creator Heather Klempf tried out King Kanine’s King Kalm CBD for her Siberian Husky, Bandit, who is extremely loving yet anxious around new company (a common trait among the breed). King Kalm contains 600mg of CBD oil with all-natural cannabidiol from hemp.

Bandit tends to pace around or hide in the closet when he feels anxious and Heather noticed a huge difference after using this oil! His anxiety noticeably decreased after using the suggested amount for his weight/age: no pacing or hiding.

Heather’s second fur baby, Twiggs, is a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix who is the complete opposite of Bandit. Twiggs is probably the coziest dog on the planet (her favorite activity involves napping under blankets for hours on end). Heather gave Twiggs 75mg of CBD for Boston Terriers and didn’t notice any changes; Twiggs adapts easily to any situation, so CBD isn’t as effective. If you do have an anxious dog, however, King Kalm will surely keep ‘em cozy.

Honest Paws

Located in League City, Tex., Honest Paws makes CBD treats depending on the desired outcome for your pet. If you’re looking for a tasty treat for your pup (rather than an oil), Honest Paws offers bites and soft chews in four different categories: calm, relief, wellness and mobility. The suggested dosage varies depending on your dog’s size: one chew contains 5mg of CBD, two chews contains 10mg, etc.

Both Bandit and Twiggs seemed to enjoy eating the poultry-flavored treat more than its aftereffects. The dynamic duo had similar (yet effective) outcomes: Bandit seemed calmer and didn’t pace or hide and Twiggs chillaxed under her favorite blanket. The chews might be an easier way for your pup to get his or her daily dose of CBD; plus, it makes for an easy hiding place for those monthly flea/heartworm pills.

Ology Essentials

Whether you have a spoiled cat or not, it’s a well-known fact that cats love catnip. Ology Essentials has countless CBD products for both humans and pets – all organically grown in Nashville, Tenn.

SipCozy’s Eden Margol gave her Persian cat, Louie, Ology Essentials’ CBD Catnip: Meow-Wee Wowee. When he’s not napping, Louie is either chasing lizards or sprinting from the bedroom to the living room at full speed (there is no in between). So, with 20mg of CBD isolate, Meow-Wee Wowee guarantees a happy, mellow kitty.

It’s important to note that cats react differently to catnip, depending on how they “like” it. Some cats (like Louie) tend to roll around and rub against catnip, whereas some actually enjoy eating it. This also affects their “high” your cat may become hyperactive and claw every piece of furniture you own, or she might spend half an hour sprawled out on the kitchen floor.

This catnip comes loose in a small can, so Eden put a few pinches of Meow-Wee Wowee into rolling paper to make a fun little toy for Louie. (He’ll swat around any small object until it goes under the couch.) He immediately sniffed, swatted and rubbed his face on the catnip toy for a solid ten minutes! After nonstop playtime, he became extremely relaxed and purred on the floor for another few minutes. Louie’s “high” seems to wear off quickly with regular catnip, so it’s safe to say Meow-Wee Wowee is his new obsession.

Team SipCozy